Age Does Not Eliminate Risk

Although the particulars may change over time age does not make us immune to oral health issues. Children do get more cavities but adults are also at risk. Gum disease, however, is a more serious threat to adults between the ages of thirty and sixty but the risk of tooth decay increases again in later life often due to receding gum tissue. Decay may develop around dental fillings or crowns and can spread rapidly if not treated asap.

Wearing dentures can over time bring about changes in the structure of the jawbone and the gum tissue. A partial denture will eventually have an effect on the natural teeth that support it. Have regular professional checkups to avoid serious complications.

Xerostomia more commonly referred to as “dry mouth,” is a frequent problem for adults who suffer from any condition that requires taking a medication that decreases the natural flow of saliva. Dry mouth encourages the development of both tooth decay and periodontitis. The good news is that it can be treated successfully through changes in lifestyle habits and diet.

No matter what your age prevention is always the key to good oral health. Keep up your home care regimen and have regular professional checkups so that if an issue does arise it can be dealt with at the initial stage when treatment is easier and less invasive.

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