Who Is Your Best Source Of Information?

Finding the right dental products, taking proper care of them and using them in the right way is an important part of a home maintenance plan for good oral health. So where do we start? Shopping the oral care section in your superstore will only lead to more confusion unless you go in armed with information from your dental care expert, aka your dental hygienist.

One way that product manufacturers have of testing patient reaction to a new product is by introducing it through the dental practices that they service. That goodie bag that your dental hygienist hands you at the end of your appointment may contain a new toothbrush along with a sample size tube of toothpaste. Patient reviews of these products give the hygienist a good idea of their efficiency which she considers when making recommendations to other patients.

When considering your choice of toothbrush the most important factor is that it fits well in your hand. It has to be easy to maneuver in order to let you reach all areas of your mouth to clean it thoroughly. Next in line for consideration is the texture of the bristles. Most dentists prefer that their patients brush twice a day with a soft bristle brush. Hard bristles can damage your tooth enamel.

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