A Dental Bridge Is A Good Replacement Choice

You have 32 permanent teeth. They work together to let you chew your food properly, speak clearly and maintain the alignment that forms the shape of your mouth. If one or two of your teeth are lost to injury or decay they should be replaced asap so that these functions can continue in sync. A dental bridge is one method of restoration.

A traditional dental bridge is anchored to the teeth on either side of the empty space left by the teeth that were lost. These “abutment teeth” will receive a crown in preparation for attachment. Impressions will be made to help in the manufacture of the crowns and the pontics (false teeth) which will make up the bridge. Your dentist will make a temporary bridge that you will wear while your new bridge is being made.

Your dentist may suggest that you stick to easy to eat foods until the newness of the bridge wears off. There will be a few adjustments to be made before your bridge is perfectly fitted for your comfort but once that is done you can expect your bridge to last for years to come.

It’s important that the abutment teeth remain strong. See your dentist at regular six-month intervals for checkups and cleanings and continue brushing and flossing daily.

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