What Kind Of Pain Are You Feeling?

You rely on your dentist to make a full evaluation of your oral health in making a diagnosis, as well you should but if you are able to describe your symptoms and the kind of pain that you are experiencing it could be helpful in speeding things along, both for treatment and recovery.

You may have seen those happy faces in your doctor’s office depicting the level of pain that the patient is feeling. Being able to distinguish a throbbing sensation from a stabbing pain for instance, and describing it to your dentist uses the same concept.

If the nagging pain of a toothache continues for more than two days make an appointment to see your dentist. In the meantime, you can try to pinpoint the source of your discomfort. Does the pain come and go, does it only hurt when you bite down or is it constant?

A sensitivity that increases when the teeth are exposed to the extremes of hot and cold, like when you take in a breath of cold air, for example, may mean that your tooth enamel has been weakened or your gum tissue is receding. If the pain is more associated with eating it may be due to a developing cavity in which case you can take an over the counter pain reliever until you can see your dentist.

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