Weigh All The Options With Your Dental Professional

It can be a real boost to your ego knowing that your smile is as bright and healthy as it can be. People put a lot of stock in making a good first impression and a heartfelt greeting along with a sincere smile can go a long way in accomplishing that. OR, maybe you’re just tired of living with a smile that you know could be better. Whatever the reason for whitening your teeth there’s never been more opportunities to have it done. It’s important to weigh all your options with your dentist, however, before jumping in.

The chemicals in the bleaching solutions in some of the over the counter products that are so abundant in the dental products section of your local pharmacy can be dangerous if not used properly. Going to your dentist for an in-office treatment or to get a home system with custom-made whitening trays is a much safer way to go and can give you better and faster results. The desensitizers and peroxide gels that dentists use in office make the process safe and painless.

There’s more than one shade of white. Your dentist will use a professionally prepared guide to determine just the right tint that will complement your complexion.

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