Work To Maintain Good Oral Health

We know by now that home care is an important part of a successful plan for good oral health. What kind of tools can best help in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease?

Fluoride is a strong deterrent. Since the early 1950’s public drinking water supplies have been fluoridated for the added protection from tooth decay. Families who get their water from an underground well, however, should ask their dentists about getting in-office fluoride treatments. Other good sources of fluoride include specifically formulated over the counter toothpaste and mouthwashes. Dentists may recommend concentrated prescriptions for those patients who are at higher risk.

Brushing with a manual toothbrush is fine but an electric device may do a more thorough job in getting around and between the teeth to remove cavity-causing plaque and leftover food particles. Ask your dentist or hygienist which may be better for you.

Your tooth enamel is what protects your tooth from invasion. A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D will help to keep your enamel strong.

Every time you eat a sugary food or sip on a soft drink you are increasing your chances of getting a cavity. Regular tap water is a much better choice – you can always add a slice of lemon or lime for flavor!

Individual needs will vary according to age and dental history. Consult with Dr. Greene of The Dentistry Place about other things that you can do to ensure your continued good oral health. Call today @ 303-816-3064 in Denver.